The S.A.M approach to mathematics combines the benefits of personalised training with the discipline of self learning and self discovery. At every step of the way, be it during class or when your child is doing homework, The S.A.M approach is designed to introduce new concepts in incremental steps to make learning easier. During class, our qualified S.A.M trainer introduces and explains the concepts and the lesson objective. Corrections from previous homework are also discussed and explained. Your child then reinforces and applies this knowledge on his own at home through our meticulously designed daily worksheets.

Think of The S.A.M approach as an amalgamation of worksheets based self learning, and classroom based guidance and coaching.

Absolutely! The S.A.M approach to mathematics is based on the Singapore mathematics curriculum which ranks highest in terms of standards since 1995 according to the TIMSS survey (TIMSS 2012 International Benchmarks of Mathematics Achievement - 4th Grade).

Mathematics, as you know, is a universal subject. The fundamentals remain constant regardless of the country where maths is taught. However, apart from fundamental mathematical knowledge, The S.A.M approach also cultivates life long skills in terms of critical, meta-cognitive and heuristic thinking, problem solving, self learning and self discipline, amongst others.

There are children who crave homework from as young as 3 years old simply because they enjoy thinking, and of course, there are also those who don't. However, through positive encouragement, most children are able to adapt to the program quickly.

It helps greatly if the parents are equally involved in encouraging and inculcating the homework habit. Children benefit greatly from devoting some time daily to thinking and self learning. It shapes their learning behavior positively for the future.

Most children can count before they can write. Some begin counting as early as 2 years old, but most begin by approximately 3 years old and some even later. The ability to count can be nurtured. The earlier they learn to understand the world of numbers, the earlier they make sense of a lot of other things around them. This is why many people associate this ability with intelligence.

It is important that children get their foundations right from the beginning. Counting by memorising, for example, can only lead to problems later as numbers get more complex.

Our qualified S.A.M trainers will place your child at an appropriate level according to his/her ability. This is never a precise science and children display varying levels of aptitude and ability with different topics. As a consequence, your child may now and then experience difficulties when doing their homework.

In such instances it is best to reveal these difficulties to our qualified trainer when they attend classes rather than to do the work for them. When homework difficulties are highlighted we will revise the topic with your child and if necessary, repeat the topic in question.

In any case, however, the S.A.M approach to mathematics always incorporates the occasional challenging question to test the boundaries of children. With a healthy attitude towards learning children view this as a challenge rather than as a problem.

During class the S.A.M trainer reviews all mistakes made from the previous weeks homework, explains the correct methods, and corrects the work to ensure that your child understands the source of their mistakes. The S.A.M trainer then hands out a new set of worksheets and explains the objective of the homework and the new concepts that your child will be learning during the week. This is the time when the trainer bonds with and motivates your child to learn effectively. Often, trainers will use props, games and learning tools to enhance the experiential learning experience. All S.A.M trainers use the Problem Based Approach (PBL) and Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract Approach (CPA) in teaching students.

The S.A.M approach inculcates discipline, responsibility and independent learning within your child. These are life's skills and the same habits are likely to benefit your child in other school subjects as well.

The once a week guidance provided by our trainers gently steers your child in the right learning direction and provides encouragement and motivation, as they journey into the world of mathematics.

Most of all, whatever your child learns at S.A.M, you can be assured of its relevance to your child's school maths curriculum and even to his future years as an aspiring adult. One is never too young to attain life's skills and relevant knowledge, especially so when they are having fun doing it!

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