Seriously Addictive Mathematics Review

Singapore Maths has been ranked amongst the top in the world since 1995, according to Trends in International Math and Science Study worldwide. It is no wonder then that Singapore Maths can be a daunting subject to many. To the students at S.A.M however, Singapore Maths is fun and challenging.

Started in 2011, Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is an education enrichment program where children are taught Singapore Math through a two-pronged approach: The Worksheet Experience and the Classroom Experience.

The Worksheet Experience

With over 30,000 pages of planned worksheets for 4 to 12 year olds, S.A.M worksheets are specially designed to break down mathematical concepts into simple, bite-sized pieces.S.A.M Worksheets

Based on Singapore’s Mathematics syllabus, these worksheets aim to help your child absorb math concepts quickly. Each student is given 3 books of worksheets to be completed in 6 days. Students attend classes at S.A.M once a week to correct mistakes, reinforce ideas and learn new concepts with guidance from trainers.

The worksheets are completed over the week on their own. S.A.M trainers work hand in hand with parents, to encourage students to complete their worksheet every day within 15 to 30 minutes (depending on their age), with Sundays as their rest day. This helps to instill values of discipline and diligence.

Meticulously designed with a step up approach, new and more challenging questions are introduced with each worksheet. Furthermore, being modular in nature, the worksheets also allow S.A.M trainers to jump around topics, to cater to each child’s ability.

“I went from being a girl that didn’t like math to one that enjoys it. I actually got rewarded at school because the teacher noticed the progress I made from Primary 3 to Primary 4, and I owed it to SAM!” exclaimed Alexia, a Primary 4 student.

“My daughter used to memorise math. Now she understands concepts so much more. S.A.M truly transcend beyond rote learning and is relevant to her current school syllabus.” said Regina, mother of Qing Fang.

So what makes this enrichment program different from tuition centers?

S.A.M Trainers

The Classroom Experience
With a small trainer to student ratio of 1 to 8, S.A.M believes in individualized and personalized guidance for each child. Samuel Chia, Executive Director of S.A.M explains:

“S.A.M is not a maths tuition class where the teacher teaches on the board, and the students merely follow. Here, we have Specially Trained Coaches and a Training System with individual based learning for each student. The trainer’s role at S.A.M is not to spoon-feed the child, but to engage them with leading questions, and encourage independent learning.”

The S.A.M Certification Program imparts knowledge and coaching strategies to trainers on S.A.M worksheets, thus ensuring a consistent quality in the delivery of the program.

Certified Trainers, combined with S.A.M daily worksheets, form the two pillars of the S.A.M Approach to Mathematics. The program is suitable for 4 years old to 12 years old.
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