Seriously Addictive Mathematics Causeway Bay is coming soon !

Our new Causeway Bay small centre will be opened soon
Small class size, seats are limited
19 March 2021

Easter Camps with Seriously Addictive Mathematics ! or Seriously Addictive Mathematics and Art with Smile join camp !

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19 March 2021

Metro 997 紫昕有你 Wonderland interview


Interview REPLAY 2019-03-09 12:30-13:00

Math Summer Camps with Seriously Addictive Mathematics !

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14 May 2018

Singapore Mathematics has arrived QRC central !

Come to our QRC new centre and find out more about Singapore Mathematics.
Address: 803 Lansing House, 41-47 Queen's Road Central
Tel: 2115 9015

28 March 2018

Singapore maths travelling the globe

Early 1980s: A team from the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore, set up in 1980 to develop good-quality teaching and learning materials, studies the problem of low numeracy and basic mathematics skills among Singapore pupils. Singapore researchers are intrigued by learning theories in the United States, including psychologist Jerome Bruner’s theory in the 1960s that

S.A.M review from thenewageparents.com

Singapore Math has been ranked amongst the top in the world since 1995, according to Trends in International Math and Science Study worldwide. It is no wonder then that Singapore Maths can be a daunting subject to many. To the students at S.A.M however, Singapore Maths is fun and challenging. Started in 2011, Seriously Addictive
Singapore Students’ Common Mathematics Mistakes Singapore Mathematics has been highly ranked in internationally recognised studies and assessments, such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). However, that does not mean that all students in Singapore will find it easy to master mathematics. Today we

Singapore maths inspires UK educators

Study finds that British children made more progress in subject when teachers used Singapore-style methods The Singapore style of teaching mathematics is already being used in thousands of schools across the United States. Now, it is making inroads into British schools as well. The Inspire Maths series of textbooks, adapted from the books here, were